Validation: Verification & Reassessment Activities:

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Food Safety Auditing, Reports, And Recommendations:

  • Review prerequisites, SOP, and protocols
  • Auditing of SSOP's and HACCP plans
  • Auditing of records
  • Auditing of operations
  • Analyses of non-compliant records, and government reports
  • Review of corrective action records
  • Review of entire testing programs and procedures
  • Complete auditing and analysis with written reports and recommendations
  • Validation of risk products

The Reason For Verification & Reassessment Audits:

  • At random inspections
  • The allegation of food borne diseases
  • When (critical limits) have not been met
  • Reassessment of changes that have been implemented
  • Regulatory changes regarding food safety

Verification Reports and Recommendations Regarding:

  • HACCP plan updating
  • Records of the CCP monitoring
  • Calibration observations
  • Corrective actions with deviations
  • Report on status of CCP's
  • Modification of the HACCP plan
  • Report assessment of training programs

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