The HACCP system

Developing and implementing food safety:

  • In food preparation
  • In cooking
  • Holding at room temperature
  • Training in record keeping

All of the above leads to "Inspection Approval". See letter below:

HON KEE Restaurant (Chinese Barbeque)

Chicago, IL


In the past, barbeque duck, pork, whole pigs and steamed chicken products, were processed until "crispy".

The finished "crispy" products where then held at room temperature until sold. The "inspectors" would consistently condemn any product held at room temperature, dispose of it, and then write a "ticket" which would cost anywhere from $500.00 to $2,000.00.

Billy G. Nolen Associates, INC., wrote a "Food Safety Program with a HACCP Plan" for the room temperature held product. It was approved by the city of Chicago.

Recently, a "ticket" was given to HON KEE restaurant by a city inspector for "room temperature held product". The restaurant, through Billy G. Nolen Associates, INC., contested the ticket. The ticket was cancelled; no fines were paid.

They stated at the court, if their were records concerning the "cooked, crispy, room temperature held products". There would be no more tickets issued.

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