The Greatest Deficiency in a Food Safety Plan

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The food safety auditor or inspector knows more about the process in your facility than you do. (Shame, shame.)

The Quality Control Manager should know the secrets. The method is to measure, observe, and record with proactive energies. One method is to organize your discoveries.

  1. Write a room-by-room inventory.
  2. Inventory all equipment in each room.
  3. Inventory each facility feature (lights, ceiling, wall, electric box, sewer).
  4. Inventory all of the rooms in the facility.
  5. Inventory the outer perimeter of the facility.
  6. Prioritize:
    A. Record deviations in each room.
    B. In each room, prioritize greatest to smallest deviations.
    C. Correct major deviations in each room.
    D. Then, correct minor deviations in each room.
    E. Don't overload; just correct one room each week.
  7. Estimated time — three months

Oh-no — I must begin again, coordinating this with a long-range cleaning schedule. Now I know more!

Congratulations — You're the man (woman) who knows.

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