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Your customer is not your test kitchen, or quality control department. The company should install a sensory control (testing with records).

Using an organoleptic system
Appearance · Smell · Feel · Taste · Comments recorded

With periodic testing/sampling
Our goal is to know my product quality and to control the parameters of the product quality.

Sensory Committee

  1. Form your quality control committee
    · Select committee from available staff
    · Example (select committee with specific qualifications)
    · Mexican person (salt)
    · Inspector (trace spices)
    · Owner (consistency)
    · Supervisor (texture)
    · Polish person (appearance)
    · Secretary (notes)
  2. Our lab in a small company is a circle around a frying pan
  3. Record finding by impression

Note: The larger the company, the more sophisticated the committee and your lab · The committee fine tunes your quality

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